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MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) offers scholarships to international students who wish to study at a Japanese professional training college under the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program for 2009 as follows.


(1) Civil Engineering
(2) Architecture
(3) Electrical Engineering
(4) Electronics
(5) Telecommunication
(6) Nutrition
(7) Infant Education
(8) Secretarial Studies
(9) Hotel Management
(10) Tourism
(11) Fashion, Dress making
(12) Design
(13) Photography
(14) Other fields of study

Note 1: Applicants who choose (14) “Other fields of study” are required to specify in detail what kind of field they want in “Chosen field of study in Japan” on the application form.
Note 2: Applicants who wish to major in (14) “Other fields of study” (Agriculture, Nursing, etc.) may have difficulties in finding a professional training college that can accept them.


(1) Nationality: Applicant must have the nationality of a country which has diplomatic relations with the Japanese government. Applicant who has Japanese nationality at the time of application will not be eligible. Applicant screening will be made at the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General in the country of Applicant’s nationality (except where two for countries are attended by the same Japanese Embassy/Consulate General).

(2) Age: Applicant must have been born between April 2, 1987 and April 1, 1992.

(3) Academic Background: Applicant must have completed a 12-year school curriculum or graduated from a school equivalent to an upper secondary school in Japan. (Included is Applicant who will satisfy the above qualifications by March, 2009.)

(4) Japanese Language: Applicant must be willing to learn the Japanese language and receive education at a professional training college in the Japanese language.

(5) Health: Applicant must be mentally and physically healthy enough to pursue study at a professional training college in Japan. (6) Arrival in Japan: In principle, the selected Applicant must be able to leave for and arrive in Japan between the 1st and 7th of April 2009. Travel expenses will not be provided if the Applicant is unable to travel to Japan during this set period.

(7) Visa Requirement:If selected, Applicant will be required to acquire a “College Student,(ryuugaku(留学))” visa prior to coming to Japan. (Applicant who comes to Japan with a visa or resident status other than that of “College Student” will not qualify for a Japanese government’s scholarship. Also keep in mind that Applicant who changes his/her resident status to any status other than “College Student” after entry into Japan will lose his/her status of a Japanese government scholarship student upon such change of status.)

(8) Applicant will not be selected if he/she
① is a service member or civilian employee registered on the active military list;
② is a grantee of a scholarship provided by an organization(including a governmental organization of his/her own country) other than the Japanese government(MONBUKAGAKUSHO: MEXT);
③ was a grantee of a Japanese government scholarship in the past, provided, however, that less than three years shall have passed as of April 1, 2009 counted from the first day of the month following the last-payment month of such scholarship;
④ is currently enrolled in a Japanese university with the resident status of “College Student,” or will be enrolled in a Japanese university as an other source or self financed international student between the time of application for this scholarship in his/her country and the time the scholarship period is due to begin.


Scholarship awards will be tenable for three years from April 2009 to March 2012 including one-year preparatory education in the Japanese language and other subjects due to be provided upon arrival in Japan. Note: If a scholarship grantee graduates from a professional training college and is admitted to a Japanese university as a junior transferee, he/she may have the term of his/her scholarship extended upon successful examination by MEXT provided that he/she has outstanding academic achievement that meets certain criteria.


(1) Allowance:

Under the fiscal 2008 budget each grantee will be provided monthly with 134,000 yen, and 126,000 yen in and after the twenty-fifth month of stay in Japan(subject to change, however, depending upon the annual budget of each year). The scholarship will not be paid to a grantee who takes a leave of absence or is long absent from his/her professional training college or the preparatory Japanese-teaching institution. Scholarship will be cancelled for a grantee if
① any of his/her application documents is found to be falsely stated;
② he/she is in breach of his/her pledge made to the Minister of MONBUKAGAKUSHO(MEXT);
③ he/she is subjected to disciplinary action such as expulsion or removal from register by his/her professional training college or the preparatory Japanese-teaching institution;
④ it becomes definitive that the grantee will not be able to graduate(or complete his/her course) within the standard course term because of his/her poor academic achievement or suspension;
⑤ his/her resident status of “College Student” as provided for in Paragraph 1-4 of Appendix to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act changes to any other status; or
⑥ he/she is provided with another scholarship(except for a scholarship designated for research expenses).

(2) Traveling Costs

① Transportation to Japan: Each grantee will be provided, according to his/her itinerary and route as designated by MEXT, with an economy class air ticket from the international airport closest to his/her place of residence to Narita International Airport (or following the itinerary normally used by the institution where the grantee is placed). Expenses such as inland transportation from his/her place of residence to the nearest international airport, airport tax, special taxes on overseas travel and travel expenses within Japan will be borne by the grantee (the place of residence of the grantee shall in principle be the address stated in the application form). Air travel from a country other than the grantee’s nationality will not be covered, nor travel to Japan before April 1, 2009.
② Transportation from Japan: The grantee who returns to his/her home country within the last-payment month of his/her scholarship will be provided, upon application, with an economy class air ticket for a flight from Narita International Airport (or following the itinerary normally used by the institution where the grantee is placed) to the international airport closest to his/her place of return. Note: Insurance premiums for travel to/from Japan shall be borne by the grantee. The airport the grantee departs from or returns to must be an airport of the country of his/her nationality.
③School Fees: Fees for entrance examinations, matriculation, and tuition at a professional training college will be paid by the Japanese government.


(1) In cooperation with the governments of the applicants’ countries the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General will perform primary screening of applicants by means of submitted application documents, interviews and academic examinations (mathematics and English). During the primary screening, applicants will be put to a paper test in the Japanese language to obtain data for Japanese-language teaching after their arrival in Japan.

(2) Results of the primary screening will be notified to applicants on the date designated by the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General.

(3) Applicants who have been selected by this primary screening will be recommended to MEXT.

(4) MEXT will perform final selection of the recommended applicants and select scholarship grantees.


(1) Preparatory Education prior to Placement in Professional Training College: Each grantee will be enrolled at a preparatory school designated by MEXT where for a one-year intensive course in the Japanese language and other subjects necessary for preparation for proceeding to professional training colleges. The preparatory course lasts for one year mainly consisting of education in Japanese Affairs with a focus on Japanese-language teaching. Please keep in mind that a grantee will not be allowed to proceed to professional training college if he/she is determined incapable of completing the prescribed course at the preparatory school. (He/she will be required to return home upon such determination.)

(2) Entrance into Professional Training College: A grantee who has completed the prescribed course at the preparatory school will go on to a college of technology designated by MEXT. His/her college will be decided by MEXT upon consultation with the college concerned. No objection by the grantee against the decision will be allowed.

(3) Graduation: A grantee of this scholarship will be enrolled into a professional course of a professional training college that requires upper secondary school education for entrance eligibility, and receive professional education for two years prior to graduation. A graduated grantee will be awarded a diploma.

(4) Language used in Education: All classes will be given in the Japanese language.

(5) Change of Major Field: A grantee will not be permitted in principle to change his/her major field of study.


Applicants must submit the following documents to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General by the required date. The submitted documents will not be returned.
(Original) (Copy)
(1) Application (by the prescribed forms)
................................................................................................ 2

(2) Photographs (4.5 x 3.5 cm, Upper body, Full-faced, Uncapped) taken within the past 6 months (name and nationality should be written on the back side; photo to be pasted on the applications and Attachment)......................................................................... 2

(3) Academic transcript for the past 3 years .......................................................................................... 1 1

(4) Recommendation from the principal or the adviser of the last school attended ........................................... 1 1

(5) Graduation certificate of the last school attended (or certificate of expected graduation for an applicant due to graduate) .................................................................................................................................... 1 1

(6) Certificate of passage of university entrance qualification examinations (if applicable) ................................. 1 1 (7) Certificate of enrollment (for an applicant currently enrolled in a university) ............................................. 1 1

(8) Medical certificate(on the prescribed form) ................................................................................. 1 1

Note 1: These documents must be written in Japanese or English. Any document written in any other language must be attached with an English or Japanese translation.

Note 2: For items (5) and (6) above, a photocopy of the graduation certificate and/or the qualification certificate will do, provided that the copy is attested by the relevant school or examining organization.

Note 3: An application will not be examined unless all the documents mentioned above are fully and correctly completed.


(1) All grantees are advised to learn the Japanese language and have basic knowledge as to what the weather and climate, manners and customs, and professional training colleges are like in Japan before leaving for Japan.
(2) Grantees should bring the approximate equivalent of US $1,500 to cover immediate needs after their arrival in Japan.
(3) Boarding house
① For one year after arrival, in principle a grantee will be able to live in a boarding house for international students operated by the Japan Student Services Organization or introduced by the professional training college.
② After entering a professional training college a grantee will be able to continue to live in the above boarding house or a boarding house introduced by the college.
(4) If you have any question about the matters set forth/not set forth herein, please inquire at the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General, and follow their instructions if given any.

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Terima kasih telah berkunjung ke situs ini, hoping this site could be helpfull, also please browse our site at,,,, you can find articels, learn the history, art and culture and read about some of the world's news......see you there !
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